10 Best Diabetic Chicken Recipes (2024)

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A collection of our best low carb chicken recipes everyone in the family will love! Delicious and diabetes friendly meals-ready in under 30 minutes!

10 Best Diabetic Chicken Recipes (1)

Our most popular diabetic chicken recipes you can make in less than 30 minutes. From chicken philly cheesesteak to Mexican queso chicken, we have your low carb chicken needs covered. Cooking tips and side dish recommendations included!

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Pro Tips for Making Diabetes Friendly Chicken Recipes

  • Short on time? Choose chicken tenders for your recipe as these will cook in the least amount of time. They also thaw fast in a pinch. Just be sure to avoid overcooking them. Chicken is fully cooked at 165°F.
  • Most of these meals can be prepared in one pan for ease of preparation. Choose a non-stick pan oven or iron skillet. Some recipes will state if an oven safe pan is required.
  • Whenever you are boiling chicken, use chicken broth instead of water. This will add a delicious flavor to your chicken. Throw in a few herb sprigs or a celery stalk for even tastier chicken.
  • Remember that flour, cracker crumbs or bread crumbs will add to the carb count. Look for lower carb flours and breading if desired.
10 Best Diabetic Chicken Recipes (2)

Diabetes Friendly Side Dish Ideas

Try to choose low carb veggies and side dishes depending upon your health professional's personalized carb recommendations. Choose carbs carefully and focus on getting fewer processed foods.

Minimize potatoes, rice and pasta in favor of non-starchy vegetables and/or substitutes like cauliflower-rice, high fiber pasta, etc. Check out these options:

  • Low Carb Tex Mex Squash Casserole
  • Cheesy Roasted Asparagus
  • Picnic Tomato Caprese Cups
  • Balsamic Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Diabetic Chicken Recipes

Here's a delicious chicken cheesesteak sandwich that is one of the most visited recipes on this site! Our readers love this recipe! Try serving it in a lettuce leaf or low carb tortilla.

Low Carb Chicken Philly Cheesesteak

Family friendly low carb chicken philly cheesesteak comes together in a snap. Serve in bowls for the low carb eaters and on a hoagie bun for everyone else.

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Next up is a chicken cordon bleu recipe that will be your new go-to recipe when you want something a little different that will wow your family and guests!

Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

A delicious low carb casserole full of ham, cheese and hollandaise sauce. Takes just minutes to make this easy meal perfect for weeknights or special occasions

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One pot recipes are the best! This one takes all your favorite Mediterranean ingredients and turns them into a flavor explosion that will have you coming back for more. Looks fancy enough for special occasions and easy enough for anytime!

Low Carb Mediterranean Chicken

Low carb Greek seasoned chicken thighs make a delicious and healthy one pot meal. Served on a bed of mushrooms, spinach, sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese.

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Here we have a "twist" on the philly chicken cheesesteak favorite. How can you go wrong with queso and rotel? Ready in a flash!

Low Carb Mexican Chicken Bowl

A delicious low carb variation of philly cheesesteak with queso cheese, rotel tomatoes and rotisserie chicken. Ready in less than 30 minutes.

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Anyone for BBQ? You will want this one in your weekly menu line-up for sure! Tender, boneless chicken thighs are chopped/pulled to make this family favorite! Be sure to use a low carb sauce to keep it diabetes friendly.

Low Carb BBQ Chicken Thighs

Low carb bbq chicken thighs make a delicious entree ready in about 30 minutes. Serve this diabetic friendly bbq bowl over sautéed peppers and onions for a satisfying meal the whole family will love!

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Another one dish meal here! So satisfying and colorful! Another recipe you will want to add to your rotation.

Cheese and Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Cheese and spinach stuffed chicken breasts are a family favorite. Tender chicken breasts stuffed with spinach, rotel and cheese make a quick, low carb meal option.

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Pesto chicken is another flavor packed recipe that is so versatile. Cook up a batch and keep it handy to use throughout the week for quick, healthy meals. Perfect for meal prep too!

Keto Pesto Chicken

Keep 2 ingredient keto pesto chicken in your fridge and you are set for delicious meals all week! Use this high protein entree as a salad topper, low carb sandwich filler, in soups, pair with low carb pasta and more.

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Here's a recipe that pleases both kids AND adults! No one can resist skillet chicken tenders- makes a great family friendly meal option. Seasoned just right and the perfect option for days when it is too hot or too cold to grill out.

Easy Pan Seared Chicken Tenders Recipe

Grilled chicken flavor and cooked in a skillet indoors! These low carb chicken tenderloins-perfect starter for salads and wraps are ready in under 30 minutes. Our "secret ingredient" gives them over the top flavor!

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Alfredo sauce makes this recipe a standout! Add in a lower carb pasta or zoodles as a base then ladle on the creamy sauce. Quick and easy!

Low Carb Chicken Alfredo

A low carb keto chicken Alfredo recipe perfect for weeknight meals. Uses leftover chicken and store bought Alfredo sauce for a quick and easy meal the whole family will love.

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3 ingredients and one pot! What's not to love? Be sure to use a low carb salsa to keep the carbs reined in.

Chicken and Salsa

Low carb salsa chicken is a simple and easy recipe the whole family will love. 3 ingredients- Use your favorite low carb salsa, chicken tenders and cheese.

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Need more diabetes-friendly meal ideas?

Breakfast can be a challenge with carb counts! Check out our 10 Best Diabetes Breakfast Ideas for lots of carb friendly options. Readers love to choose a delicious mid day meal from our 10 Best Diabetes Lunch Ideas. And finally, let our 10 Best Diabetes Dinner Ideas guide you to the tastiest dinner options!

More Low Carb Recipes

  • Easy Pumpkin Recipe: No Bake Pumpkin Fluff Dessert
  • Green Beans in a Can Recipe
  • Egg Roll in a Bowl
  • Low Carb Breakfast Without Eggs

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10 Best Diabetic Chicken Recipes (2024)


What is the best way for a diabetic to eat chicken? ›

When following a healthy diabetes-friendly meal plan, fat should be eaten in moderation with a focus on lean meats. Eating skinless chicken breast is one of the best ways to enjoy meat that's not super high in fat. Also, using cooking methods to make your food that doesn't add fat is a good idea.

Is rotisserie chicken ok for diabetics? ›

Chicken is one of the most budget-friendly and diabetes-friendly meats available. It's also easy to prepare and tasty, too! Having cooked chicken on hand makes preparing protein-packed meals a cinch. Precooked rotisserie chickens are widely available, but the sodium content is usually very high.

Can diabetics eat chicken drumsticks? ›

Chicken is rich in nutrients and protein and low in calories, making it ideal for people with diabetes trying to maintain a moderate weight and stay full for longer. Many people with diabetes aim to eat more healthily by eating protein-rich food. This makes chicken an ideal diet for diabetes as it is high in protein.

Is chicken bad for high blood sugar? ›

Chicken is a perfect protein to make a fantastic low-glycemic meal. Because chicken doesn't contain any carbohydrates, it has little effect on blood sugar levels. However, be sure that the chicken recipes you make contain foods that are also low-GI!

How many pieces of chicken should a diabetic eat? ›

Meat, fish, eggs, pulses, beans and nuts

One portion is: Cooked lean meat (eg chicken, beef or pork) = deck of playing cards (60–90g) Beans and pulses (eg red kidney beans, butter beans, chickpeas or lentils) = 4 tablespoons.

What is the most important meal for a diabetic? ›

If you have diabetes, eating a balanced breakfast that's low in carbohydrates can help you manage your blood sugar levels. Your meal should include lean protein, healthy fats, fiber, and non-starchy vegetables.

What foods can diabetics eat freely for dinner? ›

Dinner ideas when you have diabetes
  • lasagne and salad.
  • roast chicken and vegetables, with or without potatoes.
  • beef stir-fry and vegetables, with or without brown rice.
  • chicken tortillas and salad.
  • salmon and vegetables, with or without noodles.
  • curry with chickpeas and brown rice.

Can a diabetic eat spaghetti? ›

People with diabetes can eat pasta but should choose whole grain types or wheat alternatives. They must also consider portion size and what they choose to accompany the pasta. A person with diabetes needs to consider the types of carbohydrates, or carbs they choose to eat.

Is KFC ok for diabetics? ›

Fried Chicken Restaurants

In general, poultry is a smart choice while following a diabetes-friendly diet—except when it's breaded or dipped in flour and fried. This version adds not just carbs but saturated fat and calories as well to menu items at restaurants like KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and Popeyes.

Can diabetics eat shrimp? ›

But using shrimp with a frequency of 1-2 weeks is good for health and does not hurt the heart or have a bad effect on a diabetic's diet. Especially if the patient's general nutritional menu is too low in fat, shrimp can be used to supplement the necessary calories.

Is Subway okay for diabetics? ›

While bread and processed meat aren't ideal for controlling your blood sugar—Subway is one of the better fast food options for people with diabetes. There are plenty of satisfying sandwiches that can be tailored to fit any dietary needs or preference if you do your research beforehand.

What are the 5 worst foods for blood sugar? ›

Top foods and drinks to avoid with diabetes
  • Whole milk. ...
  • Hot dogs. ...
  • Pre-packaged lunch meat. ...
  • Sweetened cereals. ...
  • Regular pancake syrup. ...
  • Sherbet. ...
  • Loaded baked potatoes. A plain baked potato is a relatively healthy food choice. ...
  • Fried foods. Deep-fried food such as French fries and fried chicken are not healthy choices.
Sep 4, 2023

Are hot dogs bad for diabetics? ›

Processed or fatty meats

A 2020 study showed that eating just 50 g red meat or fish each day can raise diabetes risk by 11%. Also, people with diabetes should consider avoiding or limiting the intake of: breaded, fried, and high-sodium meats. processed meats, such as bacon, hot dogs, and deli meats.

Which oil is bad for diabetes? ›

Refined oils are best avoided as they are stripped of all vitamins and natural fibre and also promote the formation of trans fats. Cold-pressed oils are a better choice, so avoid oils that have used heat treatment during oil extraction.

What's the best way to cook meat for a diabetic? ›

Choose lean meat, poultry and fish. Remove any visible fat and discard the skin from poultry before cooking. Choose low-fat dairy products like semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, reduced-fat cheeses and low-fat, unsweetened yogurts. Poach, steam, grill, boil or bake foods rather than cooking with added fat.

Is air fried chicken good for diabetics? ›

Is it possible to make fried chicken diabetes-friendly? Absolutely! Especially if you have an air fryer. This small appliance "fries" food with hot circulating air, so you can create the crispy, crunchy exterior or frying with a fraction of the fat and calories from traditional deep frying.

Can diabetics have fried chicken? ›

Fried foods

Deep-fried food such as French fries and fried chicken are not healthy choices. The food absorbs fat during the frying process, which isn't good for your cholesterol, heart health or weight while trying to manage diabetes. Try baking or broiling your food instead, recommends Cotey.

Is rotisserie chicken healthy? ›

A rotisserie chicken is better than some of the other alternatives. Even with additives, a rotisserie chicken is a far healthier choice than a fast food run, says Allers. “It's still lower in fat and calories than fast food. It's serving its purpose – it's fast, but it can still help you create a balanced meal.


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