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>> and the protests were say this is part of a worldwide movement in solidarity with palestine. anderson there were a number of other projects around the country, yes >> there were actually across five major cities at least. and in those five major cities, at least 140 people were arrested. two of the protests were actually around major airports, including see tack in seattle role and o'hare international in chicago, where travelers were seeing having to get out of cars, take their luggage, and try to walk into make their flights. so a lot of cities, in fact after today, anderson ightvenicairacle, anks very much. that's it for us tight from tel aviv will see you tomorrow. the news continues the source with kaitlan collins starts right straight from the source. said, day one for criminal defendant donald j. trump, the former president, making history for

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all the wrong reasons basing perspective jurors who could make him convicted felon and dozens dismissed almost immediately. in fact, not a single juror was picked today. will take you inside the hush money trial or source tonight. maggie haberman had a bird's-eye view of trump, the lawyers, the jurors and the judge. i'm kaitlan collins. and this is the source imagine showing up for jury duty and finding out that you might have a front row seat for the next several months to be the first criminal trial of a former president. and that you could be one of the people who will decide if donald trump should be a convicted felon? and potentially shape his political fate. and while you're being questioned, there is the guy sitting right there who stock and trade has often been intimidation throughout his career. >> well, that >> was what greeted 96 menn he

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tonight's on a beautiful spring day. you're in new york today. >> it's a bit chilly >> or though in the courtroom at one point, every available seat in that courtroom gallery and the jury box was filled. >> but at about the time >> it takes to say, hush money, at least 50 perspective jurors were told that they could leave. they had raised their hand and said they could not be fair and impartial in this trial. judging from today's proceedings, it could take a while to find the 12th who believed that they can. and if you alternate as her trump, are cnn team and sayyed, the courtroom tells us that he was actually biting his lip during today's proceedings, not just literally and figuratively as well, only uttering three words out loud inside that courtroom. outside court. however, it was a very different story >> there's graduated from high school, looks like the judge will not worked very hard next thursday before the united states reported hearing on

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immunity this is something we've been waiting for a long time. and the judge, of course, is not going to allow us to think she is superior. i guess that leads to three. >> and we're >> got a real problem this, judge >> i should know the judge that trump is referring to their judge, juan merchan has not actually ruled yet on his request to be excused from the court for his son's graduation, which is next month >> he did tell trump though, that he will be >> required to be in court next week on thursday when those immunity arguments are going to be happy happening at the supreme court while acknowledging that this supreme court is a big deal and it certainly is significant that those arguments will be taking place next week. the judge reminded trump's team that the former president is a criminal defendant here in new york and his presence in that courtroom, as it was today, is required. my source tonight was inside that courtroom and is reported on trump for decades and wrote the biography of pimp confidence man, senior political correspondent for the new york times and cnn political analyst maggie

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haberman is here. i'm maggie. i mean just what a fascinating place to be reporting from today. what was it like inside the courtroom? >> look we were all i think very conscious that we are recovering history. this was the first trial, first criminal trial of a former us president. this was the beginning of jury selection. i didn't get very far in. there were a bunch of motions in the morning but it was really striking watching trump in this cavernous courtroom, a very, very dingy courtroom. i might add not at all, like the federal courthouses that he has become accustomed to. and some of his indictments and some of his civil cases, the courtroom and 100 centre street is really dirty and it's really evocative of the new york that he grew up in. frankly, and it's pretty familiar with, but he is sitting there surrounded when did by initially 96 perspective jurors. and it has a minimizing effect on a guy who projects largeness and strength as often as he can. and so that was striking. he was actually on fairly good behavior compared to what we have seen in other cases and how he acted certainly in his civil cases, he has been warned

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by his lawyers that he could get himself in a lot of trouble, not just with the judge, but with jurors. i don't think jurors and the carroll k is liked it when he stormed out during closing arguments, we will see if he's sticks to that, but it was a remarkable i mean, you've covered him for so long and to see him in that setting, you know, you've covered him what he's in the oval office. you've covered him on the campaign trail to see you the courthouse. >> what was he doing when those >> 96 potential jurors came in the room? was he looking around at them as a great question. >> i mean, he was he was craning his neck to see them in some cases, he seemed to be trying to make eye contact, which is something that he did in the carroll case. he kept of scanning jurors faces and try to look at them. you're trying to connect. yeah. and in this case when they were first the question was, do you think you can't be fair in this case? i'm paraphrasing >> and it >> wasn't a giant show of hands. it was row by row, but it was more than 50 people who ultimately ended up leaving of this pool of 96 and trump had the juror questionnaire in front of him as the others were then being questioned, he did

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look around the room as people were raising their hands and listing their jury number. they don't give their names. >> and >> then saying that they were leaving he seemed weary of it by the end of it, frankly, i mean, he seemed bored and fidgety as we have seen them, any number of times you often can't sit still but i think this is going to be one of the most interesting jury selection processes we've seen in a long time. >> was he reading along the questionnaire? it >> was because the way it would >> work is the jurors who were asked questions are asked to answer the questionnaire, were seated in the jury box and then they would just go down with the answers without saying what the question was in the interest of time because this is such an expansive juror questionnaire. so unless you you had it in front of you, you didn't really know what they're responding to until many of them said with their news reading habits, were and he was reading along to see what they were talking about >> there's a pool in there, so there's someone sending basically dispatches to us as we're sitting outside. and that's what that's what i was part of was the pool. >> and you were you were actually in the room for that one point, the pool said that

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he was glare hurrying you for several seconds. you had reported shortly before that during a break that he appeared to be falling asleep at one point. is that proceedings were getting tedious. did you notice yes. i noticed that he made a pretty specific stare at me and walked out of the room, been on the receiving end of upset glare and you have i have to i reported earlier that he had appeared to fall asleep. now we had seen him and i want to be clear that lots of i've seen lots of people fall asleep in courtrooms. i've seen jurors fall asleep. i've seen judges fall asleep. if if anyone falls asleep was a criminal defendant in a case, we're going to report on it. but he doesn't like when such things are reported and i'm i'm guessing. i don't know that that's what this was about >> i think that >> having to sit there and be captive while we all report on him is going to be deeply uncomfortable for him because he is somebody who likes to control things >> you always thinking about

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that today. he's always also in control of his own time before the white house. but certainly when you're the president of the united states, you control basically what you want to go, what you wanna do i wonder what you think it's going to be like for him to be under such time constraints of having to be in the courtroom during those supreme court immunity arguments next week during other opportunities and things that he wants to be doing. it's going to be frustrating for him, i think on two fronts, three fronts, number one, as you said, he's not going to be able to go campaign the way he wants to campaign. he's not going to be able. now, he has found some political benefit in these court cases, but we might be seeing the max out effect of what that looks like depending on what happens in the trial. if he gets a hung jury in this trial, then i can look very different in terms of how it plays politically, but for argument's sake, his folks are preparing for a possible conviction. number two he as i said before, it gets bored easily, he fidgets a lot. he has to sit there. he can't be on his phone. he can't look at truth social. he can't do the normal things that he does. so that i think is going to be taxing for him. and then there's this thing where his

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words are essentially weapons against him. so the thing i was really struck by in the morning was he had the sit there and they're all these motions in the morning that were dealt with before we got to the beginning of jury selection. and in several of them, prosecutors were reading his old tweets from when he was president and there were a series of tweets about michael cohen from april of 2018 and it was michael cohen will never flip and then they used it to compare tweets later after michael cohen was cooperating with prosecutors and he said something, the tweet was essentially if you're looking for a skilled lawyer, don't hire them at higher michael cohen, those are the only time i saw trump really laugh, by the way, it was at his own words, but he also had to sit there as they read the transcript of the access hollywood tape, not all of it, but much of it that's what a lot of this trial is going to be. >> you know what i noticed speaking of that is wanting to trump's not there >> this >> case for all we talk, we will talk about the legal theories with trump's attorney, who's coming on in a moment, but personally for him, it also

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has an impact because it's certainly did when the story was coming out. and we were learning all the details of this. >> there's no question and he's been saying to people privately referencing his wife in connection with this trial about it this is i'm paraphrasing, but that it's not pleasant she was very unhappy when they were in the white house. she made hey, that very clear through a number of people i don't expect that you will see her at this trial. i haven't seen her at any of these cases, but i do think that the personal effect of this that you're talking about is really the biggest one for him. it's a question mark as to whether even if he's convicted, he would get jail time as a first-time non-violent offender >> but he hates this case. i'm just wants it to go away. >> now, you ever minster ground. we also have a pair of excellent legal sources who are joining us at the table tonight. we're not as tibial as a jury consultant who has been through this process with some high-profile defendants from gangsters to politicians, even harvey weinstein. we also have karen friedman agnifilo, who is a cnn legal analyst and former chief assistant da under then

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manhattan district attorney cy vance. i should note, karen is of council for a firm that represents michael cohen, but she has no contact with him, does not work on his case. and there are no restrictions on what she can say about this case, no gag order in effect. i should say we'll talk about what that looks like. but on the jury selection and maggie talking about how all those jurors raising their hands saying, i can't be impartial or fairness. >> what we do know about who is still in the >> mix is their jobs, a salesman, anan attorney, a bookseller, a prosecutor from the bronx a woman who works in social media, a nurse, what does that say to you about where we are at and how they're going to be going through this process. >> i think as maggie pointed out, a criminal trial is the great equalizer, right? i spent my entire career in that very building. i've tried many cases. there have appeared toward judge martian. and this jury selection is just as ordinary as any other jury selection. it takes a lot of time. people saw select to get off the jury for all host of reasons i used to do sex crimes

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cases. you'd get more than 50% of the people saying for one reason or another they couldn't sit on his sex crimes case it's just that's why the clerk, milton tingling has been the clerk forever. new to bring in 500 people to get 18 jurors because they just it's to be expected that there are people who can't sit for two months, they can't they have childcare issues or job issues. so there's lots of reasons why somebody won't serve irvin. so now, if you call down to a few, we've now got a box of people who will be questioned to starting tomorrow. and it things start out slowly, like they did today, where you have to do a lot of housekeeping ministerial type things, like although they did a lot of motion practice ahead of time to try to not. have too much of a delay. there were some things they had to take care of today. and again, that always happens in the beginning of a trial, but you'll see things start to pick up. well, one >> question that there have, they do have to try to suss out. where these juror stand is. where did they get their

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news? what what are they? it's what maggie was just talking about, what they were asked. and what we were hearing from some of them. one new york times daily mail, fox news, another, the new york times cnn, we saw some saying, you know, instagram, the wall street journal i mean, how has an attorney >> the defense >> team, and the prosecution looking at those answers >> well, you're trying to figure out their political ideology, right? that's the name of the game this jury selection. so conventional wisdom is, if you're a msnbc, you're leaning more liberal. if you're a fan of foster leaning more conservative. so that's the purpose of those questions. but look, the reality is people watch a lot of different news sources and they might not watch just one new source. so it tells you something, but it doesn't tell you everything what we saw trump's saying there at the end about the schedule here of what this is going to look like. he was complaining that he may not be able to attend to son's graduation next month, the judge said, well, to see what the schedule looks like, one thing was clear today's the judge does want to keep this on track. >> i think the judge will allow

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things like that. that's very routine and very normal. i think the judge i got the impression that judge just didn't want to rule on that today. let's just see how that goes and but but he's letting people not sit for passover. he's already making accommodations and those are the normal type of accommodations that this particular judge, he's a very fair down the middle kind of judge. he's not known in the courtroom or the courthouse of being either pro prosecution or pro defense. he's very much a judge who just who tries to be fair and just call balls and strikes. >> what did you make of the arguments over what the schedule is going to look like, how this is going. i mean, it's going to take a while for us to just get the jury in and of itself. >> yeah. sure. we saw it's going very slowly right now. i mean, they didn't even get one juror, but in terms of making requests for the defendant not to be there for certain days. that's not going to happen. they might adjourn the trial for a day to accommodate various schedules, but a criminal defendant has to be there and he's not i'm going to just let donald trump not

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show up one day now. it'll be interesting to see if that actually happens. maybe he's going to be on the campaign trail and he doesn't make it back in time it'll be interesting to see what happens then >> well, they'll inches another piece of that too, caitlyn, excuse me one second, but i think there has been some frustration with the judge and you saw it today? where the defense strategy has been to leverage one case against the other. and so granted what todd blanche was saying, the trump wanted to attend was a supreme court argument. it was not that was related to another one of the cases. and so the argument in florida has been he's so busy with the manhattan case that the florida case can't go ahead and the argument here was he should be allowed to have this day, even though we're so busy and you could see martians frustration with that. so i do think that he is likely or it's much more reasonable to assume that he will allow trump to go to his son's graduation. but the thing next week is just a different caliber. okay. but maggie makes a really good point here, which is >> that they have been arguing with the classified documents case needs we pushed back because we're spending so much time and effort with this case. but today they're arguing. okay. well, we can't show up to

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this on thursday because he wants to attend the immunity argument arguments next thursday. >> right. the judge also showed frustration today that they haven't provided a witness list that trump's team hasn't provided a witness list yet. >> and the >> judge is unusual, which is very unusual. the required to do it and one of the issues, one of the reasons the lawyer said was because they're so busy the southern district just gave a big discovery amount of discovery over at the last and they're busy going through that and they need more time and there just they've got a lot going on and the judge, you could tell is starting to get frustrated with this and in some of his orders, he's 's starting to show that delay is the goal and he's not putting up with that. >> what did you make of what they're going to be talking about tomorrow, which is trump himself testifying. they were supposed to talk about it today. they didn't actually get to it, but it's basically are we going to hear from him and if not, you can't explain that later, ron, to the jury why he's not testifying is that the argument >> well, i guess the argument

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is that first of all, he has an absolute right to decide whether or not he's going to testify. but if he decides not to testify, you can make excuses to the jury about why that is he either does or he doesn't. if he doesn't, that's fine. the jerk can't draw an inference against him, but you can tell them why it is that he wouldn't testify. there's a huge amount of speculation out. there are triple never testified. i'll never testified you and i both know that he thinks he's his own best spokesmen and comms director and lawyer, frankly. and so i think that even though he has a law degree, i think that if if it's up to him, he will testify. i do think that they will make a decision when they see what the judge will allow prosecutors to ask are not as remember his testimony in the carroll trial. obviously, a very different situation. it was a civil trial and it was settled already. this is not a settled case. this would that was about damages, but the verdict was there already. it was three minutes and it was very narrow and he's still went over what he was supposed to do. so i'm not sure that he will actually go ahead and do it. >> yeah, that's a great point of what this could look like in the scope of what they could

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cross-examine him on. maggie haberman, we're not as to build karen great to have you all here. >> talking. about all the developments today up next, we're going to speak with one member of trump's legal team to talk about his defense and what they saw that stood out today right now, we're also waiting for israel's response after that brazen attack iran over the weekend, the question is when and how anderson cooper is on the ground f for us live n tel aviv. he'll join us shortly >> this source we've kaitlan collins. he's brought to you by up devo plus your boy find out more at up >> if advanced lung cancer, has you searching for possibilities, discover a different first treatment, immunotherapies work with your immune system to attack cancer, but up devo plus your voice is the first combination of two immunotherapies for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread tests positive for pd-l1 one and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene up

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connected. >> upload >> your logo or start your design today had >> they are the five words everyone is talking about >> hi. i'm told directly is granting i'm doing a c4 >> we're only care of >> anything you need taken care of i'm going to be surprises and surprises that >> jinx part two streaming exclusively on macs >> outside of that courthouse today. on the other side of the

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police barricades were trump's supporters who had gathered outside of the courtroom. the flag. so this face on them flying in the face of his claims on the manhattan as an island populated exclusively by biden supporters obviously his folks were there as well. the crowds smaller than what we have seen it, some of his past court appearances as we note as the trump team has been claiming that the media attention has left new yorkers with no way to avoid pretrial publicity the next source tonight, here on the sources will scharf. he is part of the legal team who is working on the former president's immunity case. it is also a republican running in the primary to be missouri's attorney general. so you are very busy. thanks for joining us. we were just talking about the jury selection, 32 said that they could not be they felt like they could not be impartial what are 32 jurors are still in the mix after this, i wonder what you just made up day one and how it went with your expectations. i think played out with respect to jury selection almost exactly as we expected when you've had wall-to-wall media coverage in frankly, the media capital of

6:24 pm

the world on a case like this, for as long as you've had it, it's going to be very tough to find people who can come into the courtroom without preconceived biases about the evidence, about the law who will accept the judge's instructions and who will view the facts dispassionately. i think we saw that with the number of jurors who basically pull themselves out of consideration at the start. and i think it's going to be very difficult to seek an unbiased jury here for all of those reasons. and we're gonna see that play out over the next couple of weeks. but there >> were over 30 that's still believed that they could be fair and impartial. i mean, you'll you will get the chance to question them going forward so there is a group that says, yeah, i can i can do this, i can put aside whatever my beliefs are and the point of the voir dire process is to really assess whether jurors are going to be able to do their dirty duty as jurors, whether they're going be able to set aside preconceived notions and with a defendant like president trump, who's probably one of the most famous people in the world, if not the most famous person in the world, it's very difficult to find jurors who come into the income into the courtroom

6:25 pm

without preconceived notions about what the evidence may or may not be. >> you may have some who are pro trump and don't agree with the evidence. so what are you going to be looking for? what will these jurors be being asked? by the trump defense team will look, we want jurors who will dispassionately view the evidence and rule according to what is presented in the courtroom and not what they may have heard on a tv show or what they may have read online we're looking for fair and unbiased jurors because we believe the facts and the law are on our side here. i would say with respect to the jury pool itself, mean we've consistently moved for a change of venue of this case because new york wanted to media capital of the world. it's also a place where president trump does not have many political supporters politically, this is a very, very bad jurisdiction for him and for this trial to be occurring at the height of the presidential election season, it's almost impossible for it to occur without some sort of bleeding over of political animus. and that's really our biggest sounds like you're making an argument to kind of set yourself up for an appeal. is that the case? >> i think we're going to win

6:26 pm

at trial, obviously, if we have appealable issues, we have every right to appeal those issues. >> do you think you're >> going to win this case ultimately, i think if the jury decides based on the facts and the law law there's no way that president trump can be convicted. >> do you does a legal team agree that former president trump should take the stand >> i think that's going to be a question for president trump in the trial team based on how the trial goes, a defendant obviously has every right to take the stand in his own defense. he also has every right, not too. and the prosecution is now not allowed to try to get the jury to for many inference based on a decision one way or the other, what do you personally think? do you think you should get up? there >> was one of his attorneys my personal view really isn't in question here. legal advice, i would say that i think president trump would be a very compelling witness in this case. i think his testimony would would be able to explain as other witnesses testimony would that he did nothing wrong here. >> you were saying earlier to my colleague jake tapper that you believe that the judge can't be a fair judge here. but when we weren't listening

6:27 pm

to those back-and-forth maneuvers this morning over what evidence can be allowed to the extent of it, i mean, he ruled in your favor at some points so which is do not believe that he's fair when he makes decisions like that. >> we've moved to recuse, judge. mmr shot off of this case. we believe that he has irretrievable biases that under new york law require recusal. it's also important to note that in the seminal case on judicial recusal, the supreme court's cap rate and v. massie. they held that even the appearance of impropriety given sufficiently extreme fact but i can justify refusal. he disagreed with that and we disagree with him and that's an issue that we'll have to see play out. is this case proceeds. >> but the point is, i think y'all were making arguments today. the trump team, the prosecutors are making arguments at some points here, go to the prosecutors and at some point he agreed with trump defense team on what can be allowed in there. >> well, but the fact that he sided with us on a given evidentiary ruling are not doesn't address the underlying bias which we believe is severe and we, which we believe

6:28 pm

requires recusal. here, you were saying that if the jury pays attention to the facts of this case, that you believe ultimately you will win, which facts? are those that you believe will ultimately win you this case, look the question is what trump knew about those payments and how they were labeled? well, this is a case that's consistently been labeled the trump hush money trial, and that's a total misnomer at a total mischaracterized station of what this case is about. this case is about business records, charges the question gender is whether business records relating to payments made to michael cohen were missed, recorded, whether recording payments to one of president trump's lawyers as legal retainer payments was improper. there's also a serious factual question about the level of involvement president trump himself had with the recording of those business records. and then on top of that, for this to be a felony as it's been charged they would need to show that the reason those business records were incorrectly recorded was to cover up another crime. now, that aspect of this case, this election

6:29 pm

fraud aspect of it, i think that the idea that these payments could have plausibly been election expenses just doesn't mesh with federal law on what's allowable in that context. and that's why the biden department of justice, the fec and cy vance himself, the previous new york de of all declined to take action on either this case are very similar legal theories. stop there unless you because you just mentioned a legal retainer fee here how do you dispute that when rudy giuliani is on television from that time period saying michael cohen wasn't doing any legal work for donald trump at this time, and rudy giuliani said trump was aware generally of the arrangement that he had with michael cohen to make payments like this to cover up these stories? well, i think your >> question points to exactly the problem we have with jury bias here, that there's been so much press coverage and so many people have said so many different things about the underlying facts. >> he was his attorney. it's not like just a commentator who doesn't know anything. rudy giuliani was at the white house that time. i was at the white

6:30 pm

house. where did you learn it would be on the white house grounds like he knew what was going on. the jury is going to have have to make a decision based on the evidence. stay here in the courtroom. and that's a linchpin of our system of law and order. it's a linchpin of our courts. it's a lynchpin of the constitution i think what rudy giuliani may or may not have said years ago really doesn't bear on this case the facts are the facts and i think the truth is on our side. >> but how do you dispute what his own attorney at the time was saying, i guess is my question. i'm not >> push back on that, caitlin, i'm not familiar with the statements in question but i do know what the facts are in this case and michael cohen was one of president trump's lawyers. payments to michael cohen were booked as legal retainer payments. whether that's an accurate or not is ultimately going to be a question. for the jury. i don't believe those were inaccurate recordings, and i also don't believe that trump personally made those recordings and that's another fact that's going to have to be developed as the trial goes on. trump's involvement. what do you know? michael cohen will testify they did, but can i do >> i'm somewhat limited in what i can say about michael cohen because of the gag order, the unconstitutional additional

6:31 pm

gag order that's been placed against us. well, the ga >> order just says trump c attack a witness, michael he >> that's correct. it says that we i can't speak about what his testimony might be or really get into a lot of details i would otherwise like to i will say though, and we've said this in legal pleadings that numerous previous courts have found michael cohen to be a perjurer and that's going to be a credibility question that's going to be placed squarely in front of the jury. >> play this rudy giuliani, just moment for you because i am curious as an attorney for the team for trump, what you what you make, what he said on fox news a few years ago when i heard cohen's retained are 35,000 when he was doing no work for the president. i said, but that's how it was repaying that's how he's repaying it with a little profit and a little margin foot paying taxes for michael. he didn't know about the general arranger that michael would take care of things like this >> i mean, if they play a moment like that in court, what does the defense argue? >> well, again, one that's not

6:32 pm

evidence and too i don't think those are the facts. i think that these were payments being made to one of president trump's lawyers that were recorded as legal retainer payments. and i don't believe that was an inaccurate recording. i think the core of this case is whether that recording constituted business records for odd and under new york law, i just don't think it did. >> yeah. does interesting since rudy giuliani saying he wasn't doing legal work for him, we'll start we'll see how it all plays out in court once there actually is a jury that has been gathered and panel. thank you so much for joining us. thanks for having me up speaking out of the republican presidential nominee, the presumptive one, he is campaigning from a court today, hoping voters will sympathize with him. the question is, what does it actually mean for the campaign trail? real also, president biden's response when he was asked today if he's watching the coverage it's. >> better, >> outside with ninja cook outs, with >> master grills, the char barbecue smoking they are for that yard dash is or better with pizza ovens? >> krispy

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6:36 pm

>> news night with abdullah tonight at 10:00 a.m. on cnn while donald trump was sitting in a new york courtroom today,

6:37 pm

president biden was in the oval office and at one point he was asked whether or not he is going to be weighing in on his likely opponents legal troubles president biden >> trump's trial, he passed out >> if you look closely there, you can see the president shook his head no. the biden campaign has taken a virtual valve silence on trump's court dates here tonight, former deputy assistant to president biden jamal simmons so trump trump's former white house communications director, alyssa farah griffin, and jabal, president biden kind of gave this. i'm not going to talk about it. his campaign did put out a statement tonight relating to what happened today, saying, wake up donald after a stormy abortion ban coverage, trump pulled memo attempts to hush panic. i think there are choosing their words carefully there. >> what do you make of how we're still the white house, how you'd advise them to handle this though? >> oh, i think they're handling it the right way, which is to stay away from it. you old rule

6:38 pm

of politics is when your opponent is sticking himself in the eye with the fork, don't try to stop them, don't get in the way. and that's sort of what's happening right now. you got a former president united states, who was on is in a criminal trial at the end of which he could be branded a convicted felon. the last thing you wanna do is give him any more rhetorical ammunition to say that biden is somehow behind this are benefiting from it? >> yeah. >> i mean, you just saw they had been connecting all of this to the biden justice sharman trump was doing it earlier trump is fundraising off of this as well. i should note they were saying he stormed out of the court earlier, which he had not, but they were sending out a lot of fundraising emails today as this was going on, alyssa? >> yeah, remarkably, i still receive them. listen, he's missing a lot of time on the campaign trail, so he's going to have to make up for how he can he's going to fundraise off of it. he's on air and key battleground states, but think is remarkable as this is just stepping back this is who republican voters decided they wanted to be the nominee. but primetime on a monday night you know, six plus months out from an election or talk about his trials. we're not talking about

6:39 pm

his campaign platform. his second term agenda in this is what the next stretch is going to look like if it's not this, it's going to move on to the question over immunity on the supreme court and then potentially onto the january 6 trial and there is going to be fatigue with voters. now, i've said many times, i don't think many republicans, carroll whole lot about this case. i think they made their peace with whatever wrongdoing may have been there back in 2016 but they are just going to get weary of the fact he's not talking about their issues. he's out there at a courtroom, not on the campaign trail, not showing up to vote for voters, given that i was so surprised to hear what governor chris tenuto said over the weekend. i mean, our viewers will be very familiar with all of his criticisms of donald trump and his strength as the republican nominee when he was out campaigning for nikki haley, he was asked but all of that this weekend and this is what he had to say to george stephanopoulos >> support him present, even he is convicted classified documents, you support him for president, even though you believe he contributed to an insurrection, you support them for present, even though you believe he's lying about the last election, you'd supported for president, even if he's

6:40 pm

convicted in the manhattan case, i just want to say the answer to that is yes, correct >> yeah. me and 51% of america >> i mean, it even if he's a convicted felon, if he is the republican nominee, does that mean you're still going to vote for him? >> look, i think right now most of america looks like they would, they would vote for him because he's winning. but what about america is right there? >> yeah. oh, i'm going to support the republican nominee. absolutely >> okay. so that was a mid-january and a george kinda just listing all of the factors that are now part of it. i mean, listen, governor scenarios, a friend on this, we just fundamentally disagree. did donald trump remains unfit to be president, but also the second point that's the munich kinda makes there, which is like i care about a republican administration. he's not running on a conservative platform by any means. that's why his own former vice president, a consummate conservative, mike pence, as i'm not going to be supporting him this time around. he's running away from commitments that he made in the first term and is frankly just not running

6:41 pm

as a republican. i have no problem myself saying, i will never support him, but it's remarkable scene people we'll go back as someone who is hoping to get those independent central minded republicans, centers minded republicans over on your side of the aisle. what did you hear that >> oh, this is just clearly political expediency but i don't understand why people feel they have to be politically expedient when it comes to donald trump. i'm hearing a lot of reports from friends who are working on for campaigns and states. they're not seeing a lot of evidence of republican, a coordinated campaigns are taking place. report republican state candidates are leery of doing joint fundraising agreements with the republican national committee. there's still some back-and-forth between who worked for who in the primary and whether or not you can get a job, the infighting this taking place around this candidacy. it's just mind-boggling about how you're going to run not only a presidential campaign, but if you want to run for the senate. and to run for congress. want to run for county commissioner. how do you do that in an environment where the top of the ticket is a felon and you can't count on them to do

6:42 pm

anything to support the rest of the people running as republicans tbd, he may not be a felon. we will see what happens. >> those farah griffin. thank you both for being here tonight up next we'll go live to the ground and israel where leaders are right now, valley to make iran pay a price for that massive salt over the weekend. the us and other allies are urging restraint from israel is a response coming soon? anderson coopeis there, but the very latest let's get started. >> though >> where's your mask? >> i really tried sleeping with it, everybody. now i sleep with inspire. inspire. >> no mask just sleep. >> learn more and you important safety information at inspire >> our pharmacy has been in business for nearly 100 years. my wife and i have run it we will is 30 american technology is making this more efficient and customer-friendly. we use online tools to fill prescriptions, process insurance claims, and mike delivery but some in washington want to undermine the

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installed google nest products >> you're all set, >> so your home is safe and smarter. >> we're gonna miss you. can >> check it on your home arm, the system you should go manage your system from virtually anywhere intelligent alerts like what a package has arrived are the most trusted name and home security as the intelligence of google, you have a home with no worries brought to you who buy adt laura coates live tonight at 11 eastern on cnn >> tonight, there are major concerns that israel's response to a ron's brazen attack could explode into a full fledged war. israel's army chief told, told soldiers today that there will be a response and that's statement came after israeli officials got into a heated debate over what that response should look like, a source tells cnn they are united in their believed to act and to do so quickly. for the first time ever a rod instead

6:47 pm

of one of its proxies that they fund launched a direct attack on israeli soil with more than 300 drones crohn's and missiles targeting israel on saturday. it caused massive alarm at the white house and senate president biden home early from his trip to delaware to go to monitor everything's in the situation room. a ron's leader said it was punishment. idf's attacks on the iranian consulate in syria earlier this month that killed iranian commanders. most of those projectiles from iran were intercepted by israel and its partners, including the united states and i want to bring in anderson cooper, who is on the ground in tel aviv tonight. and anderson obviously, this attack from iran, this attempted attack, was targeting israeli air base base where iran says israel's strike on the consulate was launched from i mean, given what they were targeting and what they were going after, how is israel's war cabinet weighing that when deciding how they're going to respond here i think there's

6:48 pm

certainly a lot of factors going into what's you know, what's being weighed for fall >> the timing of a response, is it something that should occur right away? is it something that will be done? down the road at a time and a target of their choosing, there is some thought certainly that the longer they wait, whatever sympathy and goodwill there is right now toward israel because they have come under a tack that, that might dissipate by the time there is a, a later attacks. so that would, that would be sort of pushing for you an attack sooner rather than later then there's question is whether it should there be would there be attacked directly to iran? would it be two? has blocked or iranian-backed hezbollah forces in lebanon or elsewhere. i think there's a lot of different considerations and also with a target be something that they would want to try to maximize and make sure that there were no civilians or very limited action so fatalities

6:49 pm

involve it would be against more of a facility given the libname number of fatalities that occurred or injuries that occurred here in israel. so i think there's a lot in consideration, but the cheapest staff, these are the idf today made clear that there will be a response we don't know if the war cabinet has made a decision about the exact nature of that response that well, i mean, that response could either escalate what is happening in the region or deescalate it potentially. i israel's still fighting another war in gaza. how much of this is having an impact on how there are conducting their operations. and god, i know you've been speaking with idf officials about this >> yeah. i talked to idf spokesman colonel peter lerner earlier today. are jeremy diamond had been reporting that israel ahead plan to begin to drop leaflets in rafah in southern gaza starting today, telling people that they had to leave that area in advance of

6:50 pm

ground operation in rafah, which would have likely occurred later on in this week, that did not occur today, which seems to indicate perhaps that whatever plan there may have been for rafah operation that may be on hold or delayed for now because of what happened i asked kernel learner about that he wouldn't say whether or not that operation is on hold, but he did stress that the road to getting hostages released, the road to the destruction of hamas, which is still the stated purpose of the israeli operation in in gaza. that is, that road goes through rafah. here's what he said >> if we want to fulfill our mission of dismantling hamas as a governing entity and bring home the hostages. they still hold 133 hostages in gaza. the roads to fulfilling those objectives goes through rafah >> the other thing to consider,

6:51 pm

of course, kaitlan is right now, there is this sympathy for israel on the international stage, you have the united states, european allies, other countries expressing support for israel. the focus is not on gaza, for right now if, if israel was to go forward with a rafah operation, obviously some of that international support would start to lessen and weekend. that's another consideration here on the ground. >> yeah, a lot hanging in the balance it's anderson cooper at until they've thank you >> in >> washington, there's the prospect of a coming vote on aid to israel and to ukraine as well. it's now setting off republican firebrand marjorie taylor greene. so a new thread to owls house speaker mike johnson over his latest proposal. the question is whether the showdown in the house has arrived will give you a live report right after this my daughter's kamila she is 19 months old she is a little ray

6:52 pm

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blown >> tonight, i knew warning coming from marjorie taylor greene, the republican congresswoman from georgia, says that the house speaker, mike johnson could be near the end of his speakership in her view, if he moves forward to pass a series of bills, including aid for ukraine he's definitely not going to be speaker next congress if we're lucky enough to have the majority. and i think that is widely held belief throughout the conference. >> speaker for the rest of this congress, do >> you think that is to be determined >> it's fair johnson meanwhile, dismiss those threats >> i don't spend my time worrying about motions to vacate. we're having to govern here and we're gonna do our job i want to bring in josh rogan, foreign policy columnist for the washington post, and josh, i mean, to hear this, this fight that has been kind of simmering on capitol hill. and speaker johnson saying he's not worried about these threats, but bringing these aid bills to the floor, depending on what happens, could potentially

6:57 pm

remove him from that job. >> that's right. caitlin and i hate to contradict the speaker, but according to my sources, he is worried about those threats. he's very worried about them and he spends a lot of time thinking about how to keep his job and this latest gambit by speaker johnson, which was just released tonight is his scheme to try to get israel aid ukraine aid taiwan aid, plus a bunch of other stuff passed without losing his job. and that's to avoid the motion to vacate. that's being threatened by marjorie taylor greene. and frankly, i don't think it's going to work. marjorie taylor greene said it's not going to work. she's she's going to go forward with it. if he goes forward with his plan, plus the whole idea that he put forth fourth, which is that you pass all of these bills separately and then join them together at the end and then send them over to the senate. is kind of harebrained. it's really complicated, it makes sense on paper, but in real life it may not actually even work. so i think that what we're seeing is that until she actually does it, marjorie taylor greene has all of this leverage what she actually does it she loses the

6:58 pm

leverage. so while she has this threat hanging over, johnson's had like a sort of damocles. he's dancing and once she actually pulls the trigger, i think it's very possible that others could join her. beer. >> your perspective on the other side of the political aisle, which is so obviously this is, these are separate bills for israel, for ukraine, for taiwan. a fourth one, it's kind of a gop. everything priorities >> this is >> top of mind for president biden as well. who's been weighing in on this and waiting to see he has speaker johnson spoke about this plan. i should know, but we saw today these prout, pro-palestinian protests playing out across the united states today in major cities in new york, chicago, and oakland, they shut down the golden gate bridge for several hours. i should know before we saw any arrests happen. i mean, this is also determining what this is going to look like for the white house and how they handle this well, that's right. joe, president biden is torn between his desire to get the ukraine

6:59 pm

aid past, which means he's gotta deal with the republicans. and in fact, the white house is dealing with the speaker's office pretty well in negotiating this stuff. now the other hand, a lot of democrats don't want to support the israel aid for all the reasons that you just laid out. and that's the the theory by which this johnson scheme makes sense, which is, you let everybody vote for the different parts and then the democrats, some democrats can vote against israel aid and some republicans good vote against ukraine aid. but it's really complicated and it doesn't solve the binds that president biden and his in either he's going to support israel or he's gonna move towards the progressive side. and again to both and he's eventually he's gonna have to choose >> we'll see what that looks like. of course as we creep closer to the election as well, josh rogan, great to have you. thank you >> anytime >> and this just didn't to cnn, another historic tonight for the another chip first tonight, i should note for the already historic resume of basketballs, caitlin clark with the first pick in the 2024 wnba draft the

7:00 pm

indiana fever select caitlin clark >> caitlin clark is the all-time leading scorer. of course, in the ncw, a division one basketball history, ticket prices to watch the fever in indy this season more than doubled after clark announced that she would enter the draft, it was obvious she was going to likely be the first number one pick and she spoke to core wire just beforehand >> i'm super excited. i know this always super special and i have lot of family coming. my coaches are coming. so on my teammates are coming so just getting to enjoy it. and so get in, i think is the biggest thing because like it once in a lifetime this only happens once also worth noting tonight, lsu's angel reese went six picks later as the chicago's sky. second pick thank you. all so much for joining us, congrats to both of them and everyone in the wnba draft tonight sit a nenews night with abby phillip starts right now

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